Sound Tracks
5.1Surround  Mix
CD  Burning
IceRat Studio
Featuring Sonar Producer Edition 8
A state of the art unlimited track recording solution.
Modern Equipment, hardware and software
Midi Sequencer
Total MIDI  control. Keyboard, E-drum, and Guitar synth input.
FM-8 Synth by NI. Dimension Pro Synth. Proteus X 2 Synth.
Several  Cakewalk Virtual Synths.
Electric Guitar and effects including Roland GR-20 Synth
Keyboards :Yamaha GDX-200 Portable Grand, CME UF5 MIDI controller
Dynamic and Condenser Microphones
Acoustic 6 string Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonicas, 6 & 12 string Guitar
16 or 24 bit , 44.1 or 48.0 kHz recording
Final Mix  and Mastering
CD transfer and/or Broadcast wave file export.
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