VP Gestures

Downloadable Gestures I made Mostly In ZIP format To Include The Whole Series

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Loose Lucy: Lucy
Samson & Delilah: Samson
Cosmic Charlie :Cosmic
Throwing Stones-Grateful Dead
You Say You Want A Revolution Here's Jerry :Jerry's Revolution
And WE Bid You Goodnight Vamp: Vamp
The Grate Jimmy Reed : Big Boss Man
Vision from Bill Nelson
Another Bill Nelson :Wierd Critters
And Another(zip) :MY Philosophy
Bill Nelson Does Upstairs Drums: Upstairs
Money Honey Another Bill Nelson: Money Honey
A Hank Williams Tune: Hank
I'm So Lonesome I could Cry , Hank also: Lonesome
Hank Williams' Jumbolai:Jumbo.zip
Pistol Packin Papa , Jimmy Rodgers : JimRog
The Everly Bros' By By Love : By By Love
Shining in the Light,Page & Plant : ShineLite
Sublime's Carress Me Down: Carress me Down
My Homemade Gest :Riff and Riff 2
Page& Plant nice: Its a Little too Much,,
Adrian Belew:Pretty Pink Rose
Adrian Belew : OOH Daddy
Adrian Belew:You, You,& You
Jimi : I See That We Meet Again
Jimi: Isabella
Zappa: Arf,,,she said
Zappa: Green Rosetta
Bill nelson: Kerouwak
Tigger zip: TheWonderful Thing About Tiggers

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