Lindy had a gas in VP she loved playing Yahtzee,,,,we played every chance
we could  she had no idea how to play at first but learned fast. Her devilish taunting
and smack talk when we played was too much fun. Then the first few times she kicked
my ass she was on cloud nine. She loved rock n roll music too. She turned me on to
"The Black Crowes" . I learned to dislike any coffee but freshly ground
after she gave me a grinder.  I never knew her to say an unkind word about anyone
except a misguided guide or  two that would  cite her for an "inappropriate" av,,,of
which she had many.

                                            She loved to garden, and she had a green thumb.

 Lindy  loved the sea too.   


                                                         < Razor Clams

 Lindy had a real love for creatures,,bugs snakes, and especially
    guinea pigs and ferrets or weasels . She actually used the name "Bugaboopie" in
Vp at one time. Her pet  guinea pig was named "Moo"

                         Her 1st  ferret was "Dweezil"  and then "Woodstock"
             at 1 point she had 6  weasels at once!

                            These are some of my favorite pictures of Lindy

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