Lindy was born  September 2 1954, 1 month and 5 days before me.
She was born in Pennsylvania. She grew up  in  Fla. She took off for the
San Francisco Bay area during the Hippy Era staying there till 1976.


                                                              California 1975

                                Then it was off to Alaska

               In Alaska she spent time at  Barrow in 1976

                                 And Nome in 1976

                         And then Homer became her home


Lindy spent the rest of her life in Homer Ak.
She took vacations and got to Hawaii several times


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                                            Dweezilpie, Mousepie, Weedypie, Moodypie,
Lindy was known by many nicknames during her travels
through VP. I first met her in 1996 when she bounced into
our Grateful Dead Forum room . She was called Moodypie .
VP had no Mega  av's then and we made
some that matched.
          1954                                                              2009