Recording since 2005.
Digital Work Station Powered by Sonar Producer 8
16 Track Analogue Mixing Board
12 Track  Dedicated Mic Mixer with 8 Preamp section
Tube Preamp
Stereo Compressor- Limiter with tube emulation
Stereo 15 Band EQ
CME MIDI Controller
Matched Pair Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics
Matched Pair Pencil Condenser Mics
Ribbon Mic
Matched Pair Dynamic Mics
E Drum Kit
A-B Comparison on State of the Art 7.1 Tuned HI-FI System
CD and/or DVD Transfer
Audio File Bundle of Session
5.1 Surround Mix Available
Midi Scores Can be Generated and Printed
Typically  $20-$40 per Hour
IceRat Studio
Many Available for use.
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